How to Make Compost (video)

From Lowe's - How to Make Compost - YouTube

1. Add organic material - Using a composter helps speed up the process, but you can also pile materials in a corner of the yard. Green materials include kitchen scraps, garden debris and grass clipping. Brown material include fallen leaves, dried stems or sawdust. Don't add meat, dairy, grease or bones to your compost.

2. Add water - Watering your compost helps speed up the composting process.

3. Bring on the Heat - Your compost will heat up and the inside of your tumbler should be about 140 degrees.

4. Tumble or Stir - Tumbling your compost will help to speed up the composting process.

If you keep it well watered and turned, you will have compost in about a month. It is ready when there is no more heat coming off it.

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