Indoor Growing Tips (video)

Here are some Indoor Growing Tips by Ray from the Praxxus55712 YouTube channel:

Among the tips:

- make your own potting soil based on coconut coir and vermiculitie

- germinate the seeds with a heat pad (Ray bought a general purpose heat pad from a secondhand store for $2).

- add a small amount of fertilizer every time you water plants - 1/4 of the weekly amount. A little feeding every day works better than a large feeding once a week.

Ray makes his own fertilizer with urea, potash and bone meal. He bought them on Ebay in 25# boxes, no name brand, sold in bulk. He mixes them himself.

Ray leaves the tap water overnight to release chlorine, and then waters the plants the next day.

- one large 85W CFLs covers 4 x 4 ft. area. Ray recommends 5,700 K for both vegetation and flowers:

He has 12 of those large CFLs. One regular CFLs covers a 1 x 1 ft. area.

Ray's entire electric bill is $110 per month. The bulk of it is for furnace, garage lighting and home lights. "All of the lighting I use only costs $30 per month and heats the upstairs as a bonus, which saves me energy from having to use the home furnace to heat the upstairs.

One viewer commented: My rate is 19 cents per Kwh, which means a 105 watt bulb burning for 16 hours a day is about $9 per month by itself. Plus 11 more bulbs it would be $108 per month (in NY state).

- use "creative pruning" to help plants develop a tick trunk and solid pyramidal structure that produces a lot of fruit.

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