How to build a raised garden bed with pavers

You can use a variety of materials to construct raised beds. Most beds are made of wood.

However, pavers make great edging material that lasts virtually forever, and this works great when edging up to a concrete path. A simple paver costs between 40 cents and $2 at Home Depot(depending on size). You will need about 30-60 pavers (depending on size) to build one raised garden bed. Here is a good example of such inexpensive paver: Pavestone Holland 4 in. x 8 in. Concrete Paver, 39 cents

To get good alignment, get some chalk and draw a line across them to indicate how far you bury one end into the ground. You can also put a wooden stake at each end, and stretch a piece of string across the top at the right height to get the tops level if the ground is uneven and can’t be used as a reference. You can hang a small builders line level on the string to make sure your string sits level if you have one.

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