Florida Vegetable Gardening Guides

The University of Florida guide is one of the best:

Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide http://bit.ly/SIHoBF

It is also available in PDF format.

Broward County Extension has its own guide: http://bit.ly/SIHwkH

From Orlando Sun Sentinel (http://bit.ly/SIHBok):

"Here's a safe bet: If you're growing vegetables in South Florida, you're growing them in containers of some kind. Or at least you probably should be. I've been growing vegetables in South Florida for years, and I've talked to dozens of gardeners —amateurs and professionals — and it almost always comes back around to what kind of system is the best. Self-watering containers or hydroponics? Grow bags or open pots? Almost no one does it in the ground."

The most popular sub-irrigated planter (SIP) EarthBox was created in Florida. SIPs are now somewhat erroneously called "self-watering" containers.

Stackable containers are popular but expensive. Examples include Verti-Gro (made by a Florida company) or AgroTower (see them here). The Verti-Gro is supposedly less expensive.

Another alternative is the Garden Stick: http://thegardenstick.com


How to grow container vegetables - Sun Sentinel http://bit.ly/SIHBok
University of Florida Handbooks and Guides http://buff.ly/1drHuUD
Master Gardener Handbook: South Florida - UF/IFAS Extension http://buff.ly/N69bgC
Master Gardener Handbook: North and Central Florida - UF/IFAS Extension http://buff.ly/1drHzHI
Herbs in the Florida Garden - UF/IFAS Extension http://buff.ly/1drHzaP
Florida Gardening Calendar http://buff.ly/1gwaWkp

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