Answers to lighting questions for indoor gardening (video)

From Praxxus55712 YouTube channel:

"CFL bulbs? Kelvin rating? Wattage? How close do I put the lights to the plants? How much is too much? How much does it cost? The questions are valid. The concerns are real. The answers are so amazingly simple. You will absolutely love this EZ tutorial about effective inexpensive lighting. Indoor growing can be fun, easy and inexpensive. Tune in for the common sense scoop on getting the best lighting for your indoor plants.

I buy my bulbs from
The bulb I prefer: "

"Praxxus" recommends Eiko 81180 - 105 Watt - CFL, 420 W Equal - 5000K Full Spectrum - 82 CRI - 66 Lumens per Watt - 15 Month Warranty. The 105 Watt "compact" fluorescent replaces 420 Watt incandescent light bulb. Full Spectrum 5000K color temperature is clear and bright, ideal for museums, jewelry stores, and hospitals.

The same bulb is available on Amazon for $25:

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