Vermiculite is an important ingredient of potting mix/soil

You can make your own potting mix:

- 30% peat moss or coco coir
- 30% perlite or vermiculite
- 30% compost or soil


Vermiculite is an important soil conditioner composed of "millions of cells" which store air and water. It has no food value. Often a key ingredient in soilless potting mixes, vermiculite is prized for its ability to retain moisture. The coarse vermiculite is especially well-suited to creating soil and soil-less mixes.

In Chicago, the local retailer Brew and Grow has some of the best prices for large bag coarse horticultural vermiculite. Vermiculite Large 4 cu/ft Bag is sold for $24.95:


Brew & Grow - Irving Park - Chicago, IL

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Anonymous said...

This is probably outdated. I checked the price of 4 cu ft coarse vermiculite on their website to be $40, went to the store and bought it. When we opened it, it was a powdery flying mess. The store won't take it back because it was opened. There was no way to see what was in it because it was a paper bag. Now we are stuck with this inferior product, minus our money. After a lot of calling around, Menards currently has coarse vermiculite. I regret this store Brew and Grow was mentioned in a square foot gardening blog. The product I bought was made by Perlite Vermiculite Packaging company. Then I did some research and found the same product (paper bag, 4 cu ft coarse, PVP company) is offered on Amazon, where one reviewer has a similar experience with quality.