Vegetables for a Fall Garden in the Midwest

You can plant the "CLeaR" vegetables in your fall vegetable garden:

Leafy plants - Lettuce, chard
Root crops - Radish, turnip. The root crops can be remembered by the mnemonic RBT ("rabbit"): Radish, Beet, Turnip.

In August 2012, Mel Bartholomew, the creator of Square Foot Gardening, suggested the following Fall Seed Kit

Plant -- Variety -- Days to Harvest
Spinach -- Tyee 45
Turnips -- Tokyo 40
Radish -- Cherry Belle 22
Swiss Chard -- Lucullus 60
Loose Leaf Lettuce -- Red Fire 29
Loose Leaf Lettuce -- Black Seeded Simpson 45
Beets -- Ruby Queen 55
Bibb Lettuce -- Buttercrunch 68
Scallions -- Evergreen 65
Leek -- Lincoln 50
Carrots -- Nantes 70
Peas Super -- Sugar Snap 66

Here is a brief summary of each plant based on Jung Seed descriptions:

Tyee Hybrid Spinach

The disease resistance makes this spinach cultivar adaptable and productive. Semi-savoyed leaves are dark green, growing to a height of 10 inches. Plants are slow to bolt in high temperatures and have a high tolerance of Races 1 and 3 of Downy Mildew. Leaves stay cleaner than other varieties thanks to an upright growth habit. Excellent for both home and commercial growers. Maturity: 45, typical planting: Spring, Seeds Per Packet: 350.

Tokyo Cross Hybrid Turnip

It produces smooth, white roots that are semi-globe shaped with white flesh that is firm, crisp, fine-grained and mildly flavored. A rapid grower. Seed sown as late as July 15 still produces a fine crop. Maturity: 35-40 days, Seeds Per Packet: 500, Planting Depth: 1/2", Spacing: 2" to 4".

Cherry Belle Radish

This cultivar is noted for earliness (22 days), quality, and appearance. Round red radishes are uniform in size and shape. Tops are small, making it suitable for bunching. 1949 AAS winner. Spacing: 1" to 2". Planting Season: Spring & Fall. Maturity: 22. Planting Depth: 1/2". Seeds Per Packet: 500

Lucullus Swiss Chard

Thick, white 12 inch stalks and crinkled green leaves. Very productive. Height: 12". Spacing: 4" to 6". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 60. Planting Depth: 1/2". Seeds Per Packet: 350.

Red Fire Lettuce

The New Red Fire leaf lettuce takes the prize for red color and bolt resistance. It forms heavy loose heads. Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 29. Seeds Per Packet: 1000.

Black Seeded Simpson Loose leaf Lettuce

This 100 year-old garden classic can be relied upon whether sown early in the spring or during the summer. Heat resistant. Spacing: 6". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 45. Planting Depth: 1/4". Seeds Per Packet: 1000.

Ruby Queen Beet (Beta vulgaris)

This is a time-tested favorite. Globe-shaped roots are smooth and uniform, deep red, tender and sweet. 1957 AAS Winner. Spacing: 3" to 4". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 55. Seeds Per Packet: 300. Planting Depth: 1/2".

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Buttercrunch lettuce is easy to grow. It remains in good condition longer than other bibb-types. 1963 AAS Winner. Spacing: 8" to 12". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 68. Seeds Per Packet: 1000. Planting Depth: 1/2".

Evergreen Bunching Onion Seed (Scallions)

This is a non-bulbing variety, suitable for bunching or green onions. Seed sown in early spring produces slender, white stalks with green tops ready to eat by midsummer. Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 65. Seeds Per Packet: 500. Planting Depth: 1/2".

Lincoln Leek

You can grow baby leeks or mild giants with this variety. Suitable for containers. Sow seed thickly like scallions and harvest when finger-size for baby leeks, leaving some to mature into full-size giant leeks 2-1/2 inches or more in diameter. Plant from early summer to fall for a steady supply. Hilling your leeks will encourage longer shanks. Maturity: 50-80. Seeds Per Packet: 250.

Nantes or Coreless Carrot

This is a popular "half-long carrot", averaging 6 inches in length by 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Smooth roots are orange color throughout with a small core free of any woody fiber. Matures quickly for early use. Spacing: 1" to 2". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 70. Seeds Per Packet: 750. Planting Depth: 1/4".

Super Sugar Snap Pea

This cultivar has all the qualities of the original Sugar Snap with even thicker pods for extra sweet, crisp flavor. It bears several days earlier and has added resistance to powdery mildew and tolerance to pea leaf roll virus resulting in higher yields. Compact vines grow 4 to 6 feet (suitable for containers). Height: 4' to 6'. Spacing: 2". Planting Season: Spring. Maturity: 66. Seeds Per Packet: 1 1/2 ounce. Planting Depth: 1".

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