Collapsible Bin Composter from Amazon

This Eco Bin Composter is marketed as an easy-to-assemble device that can simplify and speed the composting process. It includes a spring-loaded design that makes set-up and storage a breeze, in addition to offering easy access when it’s time to aerate your compost. An open bottom, round shape and mesh walls work together to maximize the breakdown process, yielding usable compost as efficiently as possible. A windproof lid, sturdy construction and included anchoring stakes help our Eco Bin Composter withstand the elements and years of use.

Fiskars 5705 75-Gallon Eco Bin Collapsible Composter

The proportion of green material to brown is more crucial in a closed tumbler than in an open pile. If you don't add at least 40 percent browns, you'll end up with a slimy, smelly mess instead of compost. If nothing else is available, keep a bag of leaves or a bale of straw handy and use it as necessary to maintain the balance. Source: Compost Tumblers - Mother Earth News, 2003

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