Blossom End Rot Treatment & Prevention Tips (including EarthBox)

For Earthbox tomatoes with Blossom End Rot (BER):

1. Remove all damaged fruits.
2. Add calcium via lime.

Treatment of BER (only one time per season): Add 1/4 cup of hyderated lime to a gallon of water, once only. The treatment is not a cure for tomatoes with current BER, it will help only new blossoms. Another option: Crush 2 TUMS tablets in a gallon of water. Add 2 Tablespoons of Epson salts to this water. The official EarthBox video is below:

From Lowe's:

From Lowe's YouTube channel: "As your tomato plants starting to grow, you may notice round spots that started small and got bigger and more sunken in near the blossom end of the fruits. These are called blossom end rot. This happens mainly because of a lack of calcium in your tomatoes as the fruits developed. It also commonly occurs when the growing season starts out extremely wet and then becomes extremely dry as the fruit begins to set.

Blossom end rot isn't easy to get rid of. In fact, it's best to make sure your soil has the proper nutrients before you plant. However, if you weren't able to, or still ended up with round spots, here are some helpful tips to use.

First you will want to maintain consistent levels of moisture in the soil throughout the growing season. You can prevent calcium deficiencies by purchasing Blossom-End Rot Spray which you can find in your Lowe's Garden Center. Applying mulch and fertilizer are also important. The mulch will minimize evaporation and help maintain consistent soil moisture, while the fertilizer lowers nitrogen and heightens phosphorus and potassium.

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