Sapodilla (sapote) fruit tree

Here are some sapodilla varieties:

Dwarf trees

- 'Alano' - smaller tree, best tasting as reported by Pine Island Nursery. Originated in Hawaii. November to June. Small tree, small to medium fruit.
- 'Makok' - compact, dwarf, small tree. Originated in Thailand. May to November. Small tree, small fruit.

Larger trees

- 'Hasya' - commercial variety. Originated in Mexico. November to June. Large tree. Overall, Hasya seems to be the best sapodilla tree for South Florida
- 'Molix' is similar but with a different production season. Shorter season - February to April. Originated in Mexico.
- 'Morena' is a heavier producer. Shorter season - February to April. Originated in Mexico.
- Campeche. Originated in Mexico - state of Campeche.
- Ox. Originated in Mexico, full name is Oxkutzcab. May to September.
- Tikal, Main, December–March; minor, May–September. The advantage is the long production season, only takes a break during April.
- Silas Wood


Summer and Fall: May to September/November

Winter and Spring
November to June

Short season - Spring

Pine Island Nursery's Sapodilla Viewer:

Sapodilla has one of longer production seasons among tropical fruits - 6 months: fruits

A sapodilla video from the grower Truly Tropical in Delray Beach, FL:

A video introducing sapodilla from the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida:


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