Mamey sapote has a sweet, almond-like, unique flavor

The pulp has a sweet, almond-like, unique flavor.

Different cultivars produce at different times of the year and planting of 3-4 cultivars may suffice to have mature fruit year-round (e.g., 'Tazumal', 'Pace', 'Magana', and 'Pantin'):

- 'Tazumal', season Jan.-Feb., Good flavor, Medium tree, High yield

- Pace', season Mar.-Apr., Excellent flavor, Tall tree, High yield, Precocious!

- 'Magana' - season April-May, Good flavor, Small/slow growing tree, High yield. Precocious!

- 'Pantin' (Key West), season July-Aug, Excellent flavor, Tall tree, Medium yield

- 'Abuelo', season Oct.-Nov., Excellent flavor, Spreading tree, Medium flavor

- Florida', season Mar.-Apr., Good flavor, Tall tree, High yield

In Florida, there are two main varieties:

- winter mamey - Magana
- summer mamey - Pantin/Key West

Mamey Sapote with The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida (video):

How to tell when a Mamey Sapote is ripe:


FC30/MG331: Mamey Sapote Growing in the Florida Home Landscape
'Pace' Mamey Sapote
The Mamey Sapote in South Florida
Pouteria sapota, Mamey, Mamey Sapote -
Mamey Sapote

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