How to make a green burrito with bele as the wrap, large leaf edible hibiscus

How to make a burrito with bele as the wrap, large leaf edible hibiscus. Lau Pele Wraps from Hawaii: 


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Suggested filling for the burrito:

- cranberry hibiscus
- leeks
- young moringa leaves
- young mulberry leaves
- bidens alba leaves
- turmeric
- hummus
- tabasco sauce

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How to propagate bele, large leaf edible hibiscus, from a cutting

From the Philippines: "Bele plant (Hibiscus manihot) - which is also known as aibika, slippery cabbage, Abelmoschus Manihot, Tonga Spinach and sunset hibiscus. This is edible plants or vegetables that easily grow in the Asian countries specially here in the Philippines. We grow it by cuttings and it will be harvest 2- 3 months from the day we planted."

From Hawaii:

Available for purchase:

Top Plants for a Food Garden in Subtropical Climates

From Rob Greenfield: Pete Kanaris's 10 top plants for a food garden in subtropical climates - Florida gardening.

1. Chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius)
2. Moringa (Moringa oleifera)
3. Yuca / cassava (Manihot esculenta)
4. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)
5. Sissoo / Miami / Brazilian spinach (Alternanthera sissoo)
6. Katuk (Sauropus androgynus)
7. Papaya (Carica papaya)
8. Edible leaf hibiscus (Abelmoschus manihot)
9. Cranberry hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella)
10. Okinawa spinach (Gynura crepioides)

Plants available for purchase from Pete’s nursery by visit or by mail.
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Summer salad ideas for South Florida

Summer salad ideas for South Florida:

Bulk greens:

- Bidens alba (edible weed), young shoots 

- Egyptian spinach

- Okinawa spinach, longevity spinach, etc.

- malabar spinach

- parsley 

- katuk leaves

- mulberry leaves, young shoots

- soursop leaves, young shoots

- muscadine grapes

To add some spice:

- moringa leaves, use sparingly as it can be very spicy in large quantities

- cranberry hibiscus leaves have a peasant sour/vinegar-like taste

- turmeric leaves, young shoots

- galangal roots, use sparingly as it is spicy

- green onions 

- perennial leek/chives, see examples here:

- peppers, recommended: Numex Suave Orange,

How to Grow Microgreens (video)

How to Grow Microgreens from Start to End - Complete Microgreens Growing Guide, by California Gardening channel:

Seeds and instructions ho to grow peas: