When sapodilla is ready to pick at Three Sisters Farm in Homestead, Florida

John from Growing Your Greens shows you when sapodilla is ready to pick at Three Sisters Farm in Homestead, Florida, at 23:31 min: https://youtu.be/87QpLjUNzeE?t=1405

and black sapote at 19:30min https://youtu.be/87QpLjUNzeE?t=1170

The farm is just across the street from Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead:


Picking Sapodilla or Chikoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD4crGKBOX8

Homegarden Cuisine for the Subtropics (Florida)

The best source as of 2020 is probably: Homegarden Cuisine Toolkit: Ideas for Making Food in the Humid Subtropics, by the unique author Marabou Thomas: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1976511577.

Check out his Instagram account below:

Specific links:

Cactus bacon:


Baked leaf chips:

Leaf flour chips:

Green banana flour:

Pancakes with cactus and yams:

Cupcakes with yams flour:


Yam gurt:

Sipping greens:



Bixa orellana, Achiote/Annato, one of the fastest growing shrubs/trees

Bixa orellana is in the competition for one of the fastest growing trees in South Florida with moringa and strawberry tree.

Achiote (Bixa orellana) is a shrub native to a region between northern South America and Mexico. Nowadays, Bixa orellana is grown in many countries worldwide.

Coloring agent

The tree is best known as the source of annatto, a natural orange-red condiment (also called achiote or bijol) obtained from the waxy arils that cover its seeds.


The ground seeds are widely used in traditional dishes in Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, such as cochinita pibil, chicken in achiote and caldo de olla. Annatto and its extracts are also used as an industrial food coloring to add yellow or orange color to many products such as butter, cheese, margarine, ice creams, meats, and condiments. Seeds were originally used to make red body paint and lipstick, as well as a spice. For this reason, the Bixa orellana is sometimes called the lipstick tree.

Bixa orellana is a perennial, tall shrub that can reach 6–10 m (20–33 ft) high.

Bixa orellana grows easily in subtropical to tropical climates. It can be propagated from seed and cuttings.

From Sulcata Grove Instagram post:

"Bixa orellana, known as Achiote and Annatto. This may be the fastest growing tree on our property. We grew ours from seed and it flowered and produced the next year. Hummingbirds seem to love the large clumps of pink flowers. Once the pods are mature, the seeds and surrounding pulp can be soaked in a small amount of oil to color and lightly flavor foods or in coloring cosmetics. Alternatively, the seeds can be crushed and made into a powder. Each year, we cut the trees to the ground and they explode with growth again. The trees do amazingly well here in Sarasota, but do require a lot of pruning if you have limited space. Craig recently pruned this particular tree which is growing in with our chickens. Rather than cutting to the ground, he took out all of the bottom branches, leaving the canopy to help give cover for our sweet chickens when they are out foraging. The wood is soft and a beautiful shade of yellow near the bark."


eBay seeds: https://www.ebay.com/itm/221235896166

11 Ways to Make Money from Your Gardening

From David The Good YouTube channel: 11 Ways to Make Money from Your Gardening Addiction (Goodstream #97) https://buff.ly/2AXjuhP:

1. Care for Landscaping
2. Garden Installation
3. Grow medicinal herbs
4. Start a seed company
5. Start a U-pick
6. Make homemade hot sauce/jam
7. Plant a food forest and sell the produce, plus give tours.
8. Plant traditional gardens/start a small farm and sell the produce
9. Sell flowers to arrangers
10. Start a home-based plant nursery in your niche
11. Finally - you can write about gardening or start a YouTube channel.

Robert Is Here, the famous fruit stand in Homestead, Florida

From Great Big Story:

"Robert Moehling has a passion for fruit. Weird tropical fruit. Ever tried canistel? How about mamey sapote or guanabana? Robert is happy to introduce these fresh delights to you. He sells all kinds of exotic, tropical fruit at Robert Is Here, his fruit stand in Homestead, Florida. Most of the fruit he sells is grown right on his family farm."

Most new mango varieties come from this nursery: Zill High Performance Plants

From Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL: "Have you ever wondered where the tropical fruit nurseries & groves get their wholesale stock? Zill High Performance Plants is #1 in the country when it comes to new & top-notch Mango cultivars! As mentioned in the video, they do not sell to the public & they do not ship. You must have a business/resale license to contact Zill High Performance Plants. (wholesale / bulk orders only)".

4,500 trees is not a big order for Zill, said Pete. Not so sure about that. Nevertheless, the place is impressive, as it the hype about the new varieties. Past performance have shown that some of these newer varieties may be plagued by low productivity and diseases that have not been fully evaluated at the time of the launch. The 4,500-order was for Jubilee farm near Tampa, video is here.